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At last a heroine whose most important quality is not her looks… but her Courage!

Of secondary importance, I also have to say:  hallelujah for curly hair that is curly hair! Which brings up the whole curly-hair issue. Why aren’t curly-haired women—of all ethnicities and races— (and 70% of all women have some degree of curl) “allowed” to have curly hair? What’s so “bad” about curly hair? As curly-haired person, this has been a lifelong preoccupation. So I thought I would collect a few images of famous actresses who used to have curly hair but (it would appear) were shamed into straightening it. Perhaps this fiery Pixar heroine is going to help change the way we view our hair. Hopefully she will help change the way we view a lot of things. As Alice Walker once she said, “Oppressed hair puts a ceiling on the brain.”

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